About us

A professionality know-how, which encloses knowledge, experience and service is always available for our commercial partners.

FDS, come azienda di commercializzazione, è il punto d’incontro tra i desideri del venditore e le esigenze del compratore. Il lavoro di FDS si basa sulla costruzione di relazioni commerciali a lungo termine con più crescita, ricercando sostenibilità e qualità.


The quality of our products comes from knowing their origin, the producers and the know-how with which they are processed. Knowing the products and their content allows us to enter the markets and be a key player in them.


Combining perception with knowledge creates experience.

We draw on our experience to meet the highest demands of our customers and their continuous search for quality products.


Thanks to the team’s knowledge and experience, FDS succeeds in meeting the customer’s needs, considering competitiveness and paying attention to food safety.

All this is accompanied by the logistics service that ensures the successful delivery of the product, following shipment both by land and sea.

The service is carried out with total transparency; every aspect, from contracting to delivery, is taken care of down to the smallest detail.


Organic food for a better world

We have always focused on organic products. Sustainability and biodiversity are words that have constantly directed our choices.

Quality and certifications

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